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you might be surprised how stress free a visit to us can be!

About Us

Our aim is to introduce a positive dental experience to all patients particularly our young patients in a fun way, so that everyone feels safe, comfortable and understood.


Whether it’s for an emergency dentist, general or cosmetic dentistry, our Dentist and his staff will talk you though the suitable options and alleviate any concerns. Our advanced equipment and techniques take care of everything dental, whether it is fillings and restorations, extractions or orthodontics and braces.


Come see us you might be surprised how stress free a visit to us can be!


 For patients who can get nervous can supply Nitrosoxide  sedation, and even have Injex needleless injectionsto assist in painfree injections.


Our challenge is to provide outstanding service & to convey trust & competence by an exceptional team.


Dr David Ager

Dr Dave was born, raised and educated in Sydney with 2 university degrees and multiple diplomas.

Dr Dave had a successful, award winning, career in Quality Assurance with his degree in Manufacturing Engineering. After sensing a reduction in the car industry he decided a new career would take him to the end of his working life.
Dentistry stood out and he never looked back.
Now having been the Owner/Dentist in Penrith he has decided to work closer to home and has help build his new project Glenhaven Dental Clinic.

During his university course Dr Ager was awarded the Oral Health Foundation Scholarship.
Now after many years studying Orthodontics at Sydney University and EODO, Dr Dave has been doing amazing transformation of smiles with braces and other orthodontic appliances.

Dr Dave knows what it is like to have braces because he is currently undergoing Orthodontic treatment himself!
Privately Dr Dave is a loving father of two cheeky children and lives local so you might just see him out and about.



Our team of dental assistants are shy at the moment and we will put up a small profile for them soon.